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Giant Frostop Mugs: Visit One Today!

Giant Frostop Mugs: Visit One Today!

Back in 1954, Mr. T.W. Ganus, a Frostop franchisee, had a crazy idea. He decided to produce a giant (14 feet high) Frostop mug at his Jefferson, Louisiana Frostop Drive-In, on the outskirts of New Orleans.

This huge, attention-getting sign helped make Ganus’ venture a New Orleans restaurant success story. Soon after, more Frostop Drive-In franchises popped-up in and around New Orleans, eventually spreading throughout Louisiana and the deep south. And at every new location, Ganus’ revolving, giant Frostop mug was constructed and installed. A new tradition was born.

Soon these giant Frostop mugs could be found throughout the country – and many franchisees added neon lights so that the sign could be seen both day and night. Today, you can still find these giant mugs dotted around the country. If you want to see one in person, visit to see where they are!

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Giant Frostop Mugs: Visit One Today!

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