Frostop Root Beers

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Frostop Root Beer

frostop root beer
Nothing tops it... but the foam!

Frostop Diet Root Beer

frostop diet root beer
Great Frostop taste without the calories!

Frostop Red Birch Beer

frostop red birch beer
Draft style birch beer - extra creamy!

Frostop KC Sarsaparilla

frostop kc sarsaparilla
A wild west thirst quencher!
Types of Root Beers

Types of Root Beers

Root Beer, Sarsaparilla, Birch Beer: What’s the Difference?

Sarsaparilla and Birch Beer are variations of the great American Root Beer. Brewing differences were historically based on which plant was the main ingredient.

Sarsaparilla Tree
Sassafras Tree

Root Beer: Original recipes concocted in the 1840’s were based on the sassafras plant, but also included sarsaparilla and various other roots, herbs and barks. Sassafras was thought to have beneficial medicinal properties.

sarsaparilla vines
Sarsaparilla Vines

Sarsaparilla: This is considered a type of root beer. Central Americans were the first to develop this drink using sarsaparilla vines, and the drink became popular in the US in the mid-1800s for its purported health-restorative qualities.

red birch
Red Birch

Birch Beer: A taste and brewing process similar to root beer, birch beer was originally made in the late 1800s from birch bark and sap. The difference in beverage color is based on which species of birch was used in the brew.

Frostop Root Beer - Nothing tops it but the foam!

root beer company logo

Since 1926, we have served millions of loyal Frostop Drive-In customers with a classic burger-stand menu featuring the tastiest and creamiest Root Beer in America. We are famous for our award-winning Frostop Root Beer, and proud that all our original varieties of root beer and creme soft-drinks are brewed with the same pride and quality as when Mr. L.S. Harvey opened the first Frostop Root Beer Stand back in 1926. (614)580-7063 2438 Plymouth Ave.
Bexley, OH 43209

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