Frostop Creme Sodas

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Frostop Orange & Creme

Frostop Orange Creme Soda
The classic ice cream bar in a bottle!

Frostop Vanilla Caramel Creme

Frostop Vanilla Caramel Creme Soda
Vanilla Caramel - Great creme brulee taste!

Frostop Black Cherry Creme

Frostop Black Cherry Creme
This berry is bursting with flavor!

Frostop Grape Creme

Frostop Grape Creme
Try our new flavor!
Creme Soda History

Creme Soda

Combines Vanilla Cream Taste with Your Favorite Flavors
Soda jerks
Soda Jerks

Soda Jerks: Soda jerks (the mixologists of that age) created all kinds of concoctions. A favorite was adding vanilla ice cream and orange syrup to soda water – the orange cream soda! Or take seltzer and add milk and chocolate syrup and you’ve got the egg cream! Homemade syrups made from sugary and/or fruity ingredients were mixed with cream and carbonated soda to make a myriad of variations on the theme.

Incidentally, it all started when the first recipe for a cream soda was published in the United States in 1852. The original recipe called for cream of tartar, Epsom salts, sugar, tartaric acid, egg, milk, and carbonated water. Today, you can enjoy a wide variety of cream sodas, and Frostop still makes them, just like we did when we started our Frostop Stands almost a century ago.

Soda Fountain
Neighborhood Soda Fountain

The Soda Fountain: The soda fountain was the late 19th century version of the local pub, and one could find soda fountains in almost every American city. By 1895, there were an estimated 50,000 soda fountains across the nation. Soda jerks were the guys behind the bar who created rich, creamy, carbonated drinks for their customers.

These drinks were thought to be medicinal, and adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a carbonated soda "made the medicine go down." Born from this was the ice cream soda, and the most popular of all the ice cream sodas was the root beer float.

Frostop Root Beer - Nothing tops it but the foam!

root beer company logo

Since 1926, we have served millions of loyal Frostop Drive-In customers with a classic burger-stand menu featuring the tastiest and creamiest Root Beer in America. We are famous for our award-winning Frostop Root Beer, and proud that all our original varieties of root beer and creme soft-drinks are brewed with the same pride and quality as when Mr. L.S. Harvey opened the first Frostop Root Beer Stand back in 1926. (614)580-7063 2438 Plymouth Ave.
Bexley, OH 43209

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