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The Story of the Best Tasting Root Beer In America
Frostop Locations
The Giant Mug is a Frostop Drive-In Tradition

Ever since L.S. Harvey opened his first Frostop Root Beer Stand in Springfield, Ohio in 1926, the name Frostop has stood for the creamiest and tastiest root beer in America.

By the late 50’s, Frostop Drive-Ins covered the landscape, serving millions of loyal customers with a classic burger-stand menu featuring its famous Frostop Root Beer.

High school sweethearts, families and anyone looking for a refreshing treat would stop at their local Frostop to grab an ice-cold mug full of the most delicious Root Beer in America.

Our Growth

The Growth of Frostop Drive-Ins

From One Single Stand to Over 350 Locations

The biggest growth of Frostop Drive-Ins occurred just after World War II, reaching a peak of over 350 locations in the 1960’s, with the largest concentrations in the Midwest and Deep South.

You can still enjoy Frostop Root Beer served cold from the fountain at one of our original Frostop Drive-Ins, straight from our cold-batch brewed bottle, or at home in an ice-cold mug.

LaPlace Frostop, Since 1958

Frostop Past And Present

Our Drive-Ins Played an Important Role in American Popular Culture

1930’s: Starting to Expand

This logo was one of the first. It appeared at the top of a 1929 letter to a potential franchisee from Frostop founder L.S. Harvey.

1940’s: Drive-Ins Grow

Although the first drive-in opened in 1921, the end of WW2 harkened the end of gas rationing and the awakening of the drive-in concept.

1950’s: The Mug Appears

Frostop Black Cherry Creme
A symbol of the 50’s, the drive-in was the center of life in many towns. The giant Frostop mug was first seen in Jefferson, LA in 1954.

1960’s: “HeyDey” of Drive-Ins

The drive-in became a widespread commodity in the 60’s. Frostop locations peaked at more than 350 locations during this period.

1970’s: Fast Food Coming

America found fast food in the 70’s. Drive-ins were under immense competitive pressure from this new concept, and a decline began.

Today: Still Enjoying Frostop

Drive-ins are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Plan a visit to one of the original Frostop locations scattered across the USA.
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Frostop Root Beer - Nothing tops it but the foam!

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Since 1926, we have served millions of loyal Frostop Drive-In customers with a classic burger-stand menu featuring the tastiest and creamiest Root Beer in America. We are famous for our award-winning Frostop Root Beer, and proud that all our original varieties of root beer and creme soft-drinks are brewed with the same pride and quality as when Mr. L.S. Harvey opened the first Frostop Root Beer Stand back in 1926. (614)580-7063 2438 Plymouth Ave.
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